Welcome to campus

We are so glad you are here and excited to meet you! H2O Church is a church on the campus of Bowling Green State University and in the city of Bowling Green. Everything we do is rooted in our desire to get to know God together as a community. We are a community of college students and city members who are seeking to find and follow Jesus togetherWe are all at different places in our spiritual journey. But no matter where you find yourself right now, we want you to feel welcome. 

Designed to connect all people to the gospel of Jesus Christ, H2O has two venues in Bowling Green to engage in worship, to inform each other of the truths of the Bible, and to inspire a life of faith in our community. This is what you can expect on a Sunday.

Atmosphere: that is friendly, comfortable, and welcoming to all

Teachings: that are Biblical, challenging, respectful, honest, and centered in the gospel

Music: that is loud, upbeat, and always about Jesus

We look forward to meeting you in the fall. We have a variety of fun events during welcome week and at the beginning of the school year. Please fill out our connection form so that we can keep you updated on upcoming events. 

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Read below to hear a testimony from one of our students about her experience in H2O when she started at Bowling Green State University. You can also read more about our life groups which we consider the best way to be connected to others and grow in relationship with God and with other students.

The experience of a lifetime

Hear about Christina's experience with H2O during her first few years at BGSU.

the heart beat of H2O

While we love to worship and learn together on Sundays, we know that people grow lasting connections in smaller groups

Our Groups create space to grow in deeper spiritual community with one another and are truly the heartbeat of our church. These groups are a place to feel at home, ask questions, and grow lasting friendships. We have seen hundreds of new students encounter God and be transformed by Him. We believe He wants to do the same for you!

Take a minute to learn more about our groups! 

We can't wait to meet you!

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