H2O Church Network

The H2O Church Network is a collection of college churches that seek to bring the timeless message of Christ to the University setting.  We are passionate about sharing the hope of Jesus in an environment where Christianity is stereo-typically opposed or forgotten.  Our desire is not to provide another campus social group, but a place where students can experience a deeper community of believers seeking to live out their faith. We acknowledge that tomorrow's leaders are in our universities today, and we have a passion for them to experience the Living Water.

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  • kent state University, oh

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  • The ohio state university, oh

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  • university of cincinnati, oh

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  • university of toledo, oh

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  • University of Akron, oh

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  • wright state university, oh

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  • western michigan university, MI

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  • Indiana university

    bloomington, IN

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  • OHio University

    Athens, OH

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Additional Partnerships

We are also partnered with other regional organizations that help make our ministry efforts possible at Bowling Green State University.

  • Collegiate church network


    Collegiate Church Network plants and grows collegiate churches devoted to the Great Commission. Through bold proclamation of the gospel, intensive leadership development, and focused church planting, we’re building a network of churches that will greatly influence this country and the world for Jesus Christ.

    There are over 20 churches meeting on 15 college campuses - including the h2o Churches. Click on the website above to find a church on your college campus.

  • sbc & namb


    We are partnered with SBC (Southern Baptist Convention) & NAMB (North American Mission Board), a non-profit organization with a passion to reach college students with the gospel and helping to start churches all over America.

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