So you are thinking about marriage?
Engagement and wedding planning can be one of the most exciting times in your life! If you’re reading this, we are assuming you are considering going to the chapel. Congrats! Marriage is a beautiful picture of the relationship between Jesus and the church and a great adventure filled with joy, pain, struggle, hope, and love.

Being a church focused on reaching college students we have seen a lot of couples meet and get married in our community. We believe strongly in the importance and beauty of marriage as a solemn and powerful covenant, not to be taken lightly, but to be entered into joyfully as well!

Getting married at H2O
We have a process that we walk couples through as they prepare to enter into marriage. This includes agreeing to Biblical standards for marriage, pre-marital counseling, wedding planning, and more. This process exists to come alongside couples to help prepare them spiritually, emotionally, and physically for their big day. Therefore, before we say yes to performing your wedding, we will need to review a guidelines sheet with you to ensure we are all on the same page. After that, if everyone is in agreement, we can start talking details for your wedding!

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If you’re ready to begin your pre-marriage process, please contact Pastor Tom Gerberich ( or the staff member closest to you!

Marriage resources

With the onset of planning comes pre-marital counseling, which we believe can be a huge help heading into marriage. Therefore we not only recommend it, we require it. The pastor who agrees to do your wedding will also do your pre-marital counseling and details about the counseling times may vary from couple to couple based on need and desire. 

We typically use an assessment tool called Prepare and Enrich, as it is the top marriage and pre-marriage assessment tool out there.  We have found this tool to be very helpful in preparing couples for marriage. The cost for this assessment is around $50 per couple, which we believe is a great investment in preparing for your new marriage.  Please be willing, able, and excited to make the necessary time for pre-marital counseling and to get your marriage off to a great start!

Additional Details

Dates: Since we are a college-focused church, any weekend in the month of August it not a possibility for us. We are focused on our staff retreat and new students that month. In addition, there are several weekends throughout the year in which we have retreats, conferences, or special events that we will not be available.  Please check with us before setting the date of your wedding if you would like one of our pastors to perform your wedding.

Compensation: Since weddings are not a normal part of our job description, any time we spend performing them or doing pre-marital counseling typically comes out of our free time. We are happy to serve in this way, yet we believe something that takes such a significant amount of time should be followed with some type of investment by the couple.