Meet our staff Team

The staff team of H2O Church is made up of men and women who love, care and pray for the students and community at BGSU. We love leading a collegiate church together and believe that college students have incredible potential. That is why we take it as a great privilege to lead this community. If you have any questions or would like to talk with us, please feel free to reach out to us!

  • Matt Pardi

    PastoR & Elder | Executive Director | Teaching Team Lead | H2O 101 Team Lead

    Why H2O staff? My favorite part about being on staff with H2O is the opportunity to work with tomorrow's leaders who are passionate about serving Christ. That never gets old!


  • Matthew McClure

    Pastor & Elder |  Executive Director | Teaching Team Lead

    Why H2O Staff? I love seeing young men and women encounter God and be sent on mission with Him. I love to teach the Bible and theology, mentor students, and shape the vision for the future of the church. 

    What refreshes you? Listening to podcasts, reading books on culture and mission, sipping too expensive coffee, watching movies with my kids, and going on dates with Tiffany!


  • Lauren BALLARD

    Executive director | Spring Break Team Lead | Building Team Lead

    ​Why H2O Staff? On staff I love being able to minister to the young women in our church. I always feel so humbled by how God works in their lives and the small role I get to play. Watching women grow spiritually, personally and in leadership one of my favorite things. 

    What refreshes you? I enjoy going on adventures, spending time in nature, trying new things, traveling and hanging out with my husband, family and friends.


  • Jack Hollister

    EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR | City Group Director 

    ​Why H2O Staff? I have always been encouraged by the mission of H2O Church and the heart for college students. I love getting to be on mission with so many quality people.

    How did you first find out about H2O? I met someone who was on staff with H2O while I was attending an FCA breakfast at BGSU.

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  • jadon nichols

    Campus Mission Director student groups Team lead | Student leadership development Team Lead | Campus outreach Team lead

    Why did you join the H2O Staff? H2O Church was an intricate part of my walk with God throughout college. As a freshman, I struggled with my identity and finding fulfillment in life. I got connected with a life group that loved on me and spoke truth into my life. I hope to meet the students who struggle to find their identity and point them to Jesus.

    What do you like to do in your free time? I’m a big fan of going to the movie theater, playing basketball, writing, meeting new people, spending time with my wife, hanging with my guys, and playing Pokémon (still trying to catch em all).

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  • Jessica Schmidt

    Campus Discipleship Director | Well Team Lead | Student leadership development Team Lead

    Why did you come on staff with H2O? I wanted to use my time and gifts to serve college students and the church to see people come to know Jesus as their Savior!

    What do you love about being on staff?

    I love seeing people come to know Jesus as their Savior! While having the opportunity to walk alongside them as they grow in their knowledge of God and love Him as father. 

    How did you first find out about H2O?

    I was a freshman at BGSU when a friend told me about church and life groups. I attended a life group and met some great people!


  • Tessa Mitan

    Churchwide Connections Director | Video team lead | Classes Team Lead | STUDENT GROUPS TEAM LEAD

    Why did you join the H2O Staff Team? When I was a student I saw God was doing amazing things in and through the lives of students and I knew I had to be a part of it. I also discovered that I had a passion for discipleship and women's ministry.

    How did you first find out about H2O? I worked at a camp the summer before I started my freshman year. One of my co-workers was a BGSU alum and told me about H2O.

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    Sunday Operations Director | Production & building team lead

    Why H2O Staff? I’m excited to be working on staff with H2O because seeing students give their life to Christ and become more like him is the greatest thing I have every experienced.

    How did you find out about H2O? I found out about H2O through my sister Jesi who was a student at BGSU. Even though I didn't graduate from BGSU I visited H2O and immediately knew this is where God was calling me to be.

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  • Tom Gerberich

    City Youth & Kids Director Campus Group Coach

    Why did you come on staff with H2O? My wife, Marin, and I started attending H2O as city members in June 2019 and fell in love with the church. I love youth and college ministry, and as I was praying and seeking a ministry position, God opened doors at H2O and I felt his calling to join staff!

    What refreshes you? I love playing sports and games in my free time! Whether tennis at BGHS, disc golf at Carter park, Spikeball in my backyard, or pick up basketball at the Naz, you're bound to see me out doing something! When I'm not doing those things, I love spending time with my wife and playing board/video games.


  • Abby HUNTER

    Worship team lead | finance team lead | Global Connections Administrator

    Why did you come on staff with H2O? I went to school at BGSU and got my Masters in Business Administration for the purpose to help non profits reach their full potential in whatever their mission was. I have had a heart to serve for as long as I can remember and I simply wanted to be used wherever there was a need. I found the need on the BGSU campus and feel that God has strategically placed me here to use my degree to help serve this growing church. 


  • Blake Ross

    Print & Digital communications Team Lead | Youth Group Team Lead | CAmpus Group Coach

    Why did you come on staff with H2O? I came on staff because I have a passion for Jesus and for people coming to know him and be in relationship with Him. I also have a huge passion for inviting people into a gospel-centered community. Along with serving on campus, I mentor and serve the middle school and high school youth in the city of Bowling Green, equipping them with tools needed to take on college and post graduation life.

    How did you first hear about H2O? I first found out about H2O during move-in when they were handing out water bottles and snow cones. I didn't get involved until second semester when a friend of my RA invited me and paid for me to go to the women's retreat. After that retreat I was hooked, and knew the Lord wanted me to get plugged in. 

    What do you love about being on staff? I love being able to build relationships with students and walk alongside them as they grow closer to Jesus. 


  • Becky Stayer

    Production Team Lead | Finance Team Lead | Building Team Lead | Campus Group Coach

    Why did you join the H2O Staff? My life was changed drastically when I started attending H2O as a freshman. I was floored by the way so many people loved and cared for me so well. As I’ve been involved over the last few years, I’ve witnessed that same transformation in the lives of a lot of other students. I want to care for students the same was I was when I started, and I want to be part of the organization that provides the spaces for that life change to happen.

    How did you first find out about H2O? I first found out about H2O when I was still in high school, I even had the app on my phone for a while. I didn’t attend for the first time until the summer before my freshman year of college. I was in BG for a summer program, and a girl from the program invited me to come with her one Sunday. I went that first time and never stopped.


  • Bryan Wiles

    City Consultant | City Groups Team Lead | H2O 101 Team Lead | Building Team Lead | FCA Team Lead

    ​Why H2O Staff? When I came to BGSU as a freshman God used this church to radically change my life. I was amazed by the friendships, the commitment to each other and most of all the commitment to following Jesus completely. So when it came time for me to graduate I felt a sense of calling, that God wanted me to stay part of what He was doing in this church and on campus at BGSU. I joined the staff team in the summer of 2002, and I have been so thankful to be part of an amazing team of people who are seeking to bring glory to God by reaching students in Bowling Green.

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  • Katie Barger

    Digital media team lead Campus OUtreach Team Lead

    How did you first find out about H2O? I came to campus early for a summer scholarship program my freshman year and both of my RAs went to H2O. They started a Bible study for the people on our floor, always took me along with them to Sunday services, and baptized me the following semester--needless to say they are two of my very best friends to this day!

    What made you decide to come on staff? Not too long ago I was the freshman girl on campus in a world of hurt looking for God's love and I now get to come alongside women who are questioning those same things. I am passionate about inviting students into truly discovering who they are, who they belong to, and why they are here.

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  • Madeleine Ping

    Events Team Lead | Follow-Up Team Lead | FIrst Impressions TEAm Lead | CAmpus Outreach Team LEad

    Why did you come on staff with H2O?  I came on staff because I love seeing college students pursue the Lord and find ultimate fulfillment in Him! A college campus provides an amazing mission field for the gospel as students with wandering hearts are trying to find their purpose, and I felt called by the Lord to be a part of it!

    How did you first find out about H2O? I found out about H2O from a youth group leader I had in high school! She came to BGSU and found this wonderful church community and shared about this church with me once I knew I wanted to study at BGSU.

    What do you enjoy? I love doing calligraphy/drawing in general, playing games with friends, reading fiction and non-fiction books, and enjoying the beautiful creation around us that the Lord has made!

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  • Clark Ping

    Video Team Lead | Student Groups Team Lead | Campus OutREach team Lead

    Why did you come on staff with H2O?  It’s so exciting to see the Lord work in and through college students to transform their lives and impact others for the Kingdom! What a privilege it is to join in that work and watch God do amazing things at BGSU!

    What do you enjoy? I love reading! I bought way too many books in college and now my wife and I are finally getting into reading all of them. I also really enjoy watching baseball. If I have free time, I really enjoy geeking out about baseball statistics during the season.

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  • Tyler Bock

    H2O Kids Team Lead

    Why did you come on staff with H2O? I came on to H2O staff because of the passion of the team and the love of the people. H2O has been a place of peace and healing. The staff exemplifies humility. We are very excited to do ministry with the families here.

    What do you love about being on staff? I love the passion that people who attend H2O have for God and one another. It is very humbling to be a part of such a loving people.

    What do you enjoy? I enjoy God and pursuing knowledge and a relationship with Him. I love games of all sorts and the outdoors. I love laughing and teaching.



    Special Events & Retreats Team Member | National Collegiate Board Counsel

    ​Why H2O Staff? I love having the opportunity to impact college students by pointing them back to Jesus in all areas of their lives. Seeing the passion and desire of those at h2o Church is inspiring to me.

    How did you first find out about H2O?  I got involved with h2o Church my first day on campus as a student at BGSU. After getting a flyer and attending the first meeting, I was hooked!


  • Tiffany mcclure

    Classes Team Member | Special Events & Retreats TEam Member

    Why did you join H2O Staff? My college years at BGSU were impacted so much by being involved in H2O. It is where I first experienced true community with other believers. I believe that college students live at such a powerful season in their lives. They get to choose what they will give their time, attention and life to, which will affect what they will do and who they will be as they leave college. I feel beyond blessed that I get to meet students to hear their stories and join them on their journey of uncovering more of Jesus. 

    What do you like to do for fun? I love to dance! I took ballet classes forever when I was younger so I like busting moves around my house with my 4 kids! I love conversation and learning about people. I love figuring out parenting and eating Mexican food with my husband, Matthew. 


  • jILL bEEBE

    H2O Network team lead

    ​Why H2O Staff? There is no other influential time in a person's life greater than when making important life changing decisions solo for the first time. I believe that the leaders and staff have truly sincere hearts to lead students in making the ultimate life decision to follow Jesus Christ.

    What do you love about being on staff?  I love our staff team of visionaries and servants who strive to be culturally relevant while holding steadfast to the timeless teachings of the Bible. As a designer, it is a sweet spot to be creative in while knowing that the work is an effective and necessary tool in our culture to inviting others into this faith community.

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