Serving in the Community

  • The Nest

    Serves families with the love of Christ by providing free childcare for parents completing their education. They exist to support parents in their choice for life by aiding them with childcare so they can accomplish their goals while growing as a family. If you are interested in serving reach out to Tiffany Crane at

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  • Global Connections

    Churches send missionaries all over the world but the amazing part of living in a college town is that the nations come to us. We love serving International Students and pointing them to Jesus. If you would like to serve in this way or would like more information, this please reach out to Abby Hunter at

    Serve with Global Connections - Fill out this form to serve

  • Keep Watch

    Keep Watch serves our school communities in multiple ways:

    • ESTABLISHING prayer walks in schools where we are invited to do so
    • EQUIPPING parents and teachers to effectively pray for students
    • ENCOURAGING school personnel through personal prayer when requested
    • ENGAGING the faith community through community-wide events and developing church-school partnerships

    Their mission is to see every school covered in prayer so that the power and presence of God are experienced in our communities. When this happens, our vision will be realized: Our city transformed through winning the war in the spiritual.

    H2O partners with Keep Watch to pray in our schools. The goal is that every school would have a prayer team in it. If you have a particular place that you have a connection to, please reach out to us or if you don't have a preference we can place you in a school that fits your schedule. If you are interested or want more information please reach out to Judy Bowlus -

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  • BG Christian Food PAntry

    The mission of the Bowling Green Christian Food Pantry is to provide food for people in Wood County who have short-term emergency food needs. They strive to serve those in need in a loving, non-judgmental and compassionate manner.

    Members and staff of H2O church support the efforts of the Bowling Green Food Pantry by volunteering and through donations.

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  • Her Choice

    The Her Choice Center empowers women to make informed decisions and offers free services including pregnancy testing, nurse appointments, limited ultrasounds (to verify viability), limited STI Testing for both men & women, parenting classes, post-abortive counseling, as well as providing for material needs.

    Members and staff of H2O church support the efforts of Her Choice by volunteering and through donations.

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