What if COVID-19 has set us up better than ever to stay connected over the summer months? Being on video calls isn’t always fun and doing church from our living rooms still seems strange, but we have learned to make it work. So let’s take this virtual momentum and leverage it for a summer of pursuing God together. 

The H2O Network Summer Intensive is an 8-week experience for students and recent grads, designed to deepen our relational connection with one another and develop us into men and women who walk intimately with our God. Among the many things COVID-19 has taught us, maybe the biggest thing is that God and His mission cannot be stopped. He is still pursuing us, transforming us. This summer is designed to position you to receive from the God who is matchless in power.

SIT. listen. respond

Let’s be honest: summer is always a little weird. We move back home. Or we stay in town and wonder when everyone is coming back. We get jobs and work long hours. Or we suffer through summer classes. It’s always a season of transition, of the in-between. But our God has a way of meeting us in the in-between and speaking new and fresh truths into our lives.

The theme for the summer is: Sit. Listen. Respond. As we live in transition, step into new realities, and face new challenges, we are more desperate than ever to hear the voice of God. But in order to listen, we must first learn to sit. And after we have heard Him speak, we have to act in obedience. It’s never enough to do one or two of these things. The rhythm of soul formation and gospel courage rides on all three.


The Summer Intensive will launch on Thursday, June 4 with a main session and will end with a celebration gathering on Thursday, July 23. We will not offer workshops on the weekend of Independence Day.

We are asking that you commit to the Intensive so that we have continuity in our groups and a strong shared experience. We expect the time commitment to total 10 hours per week. Half of those hours will come from the program’s content and the other half will come as we engage individually with the challenges and disciplines we discuss each week.

  • Main session + discipleship group: 2 hours
  • Life group: 1.5 hours
  • Workshop: 1.5 hours
  • Living out what you’re learning: 5 hours

There is no registration fee or cost to the intensive. Although this will be a Network wide event, each individual church will arrange its own groups and appoint leaders for them.

So whether you will be in Bowling Green this summer or would like to participate virtually, everyone is invited to be a part of pursuing God together and forming soul rhythm's and gospel courage.