Spring Break Trips 2024

Pack your bags because no matter who you are , there is an experience for you! We see these trips as an excellent way for our church to serve and rest, and for our members to be transformed into more fully devoted followers of Christ!

If you are interested in any of the trips below, please take a moment to fill out this interest form so we can be in touch with you about upcoming details and meeting dates.

  • Beach Reach, Panama City, FL  |  March 1-9

    Every year, thousands of college students descend on Panama City Beach during Spring Break looking to have a good time, but many of them are secretly hurting and searching for meaning in life. Beach Reach is a unique missions experience designed to meet these students in some surprising ways and point them towards Jesus through acts of servant evangelism and verbally sharing the Gospel.

    At Beach Reach, we will be offering free van rides for those who shouldn't drive. During these interactions, we will have the opportunity to verbally share the hope and love that Christ has for them. Throughout the week, we will also enjoy insightful teaching and worship.

    Watch promo video here: Beach Reach Promo

    Trip Cost: Approx. $750-$850 depending on # of students attending (Financial Support Raising training is available.) 

    Contact Blake Ross (blake.ross@reliant.org) for more information.

  • SOS Memphis | MarcH 2-8

    Come to SOS and spend your Spring Break with us as we practice the ways of Jesus in the Binghampton and Orange Mound neighborhoods of Memphis, TN. As we partner with local homeowners to provide full roof replacements, we’ll examine God’s call to be His people and the way He uses community in His Creation-caring and Kingdom-building objectives.

    Watch promo video here: SOS Memphis Promo

    Trip Cost: Approx. $650-$800 depending on the # of students attending (Financial Support Raising training is available.)

    Contact Becky Stayer (becky.stayer@reliant.org) for more information.

  • Buffalo Trip | March 2-7

    This trip is our church plant vision trip. Does the idea of planting churches on college campuses intrigue you? Have you thought about possibly going on staff or helping with a church plant? If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then this trip is for you. Get away and explore Buffalo New York and the University of Buffalo campus while meeting people from our H2O UB church plant. You will also have an opportunity of interacting with students on campus and starting Gospel conversation.

    Trip Cost: Approx. $500

    Contact Jadon Nichols (jadon.nichols@reliant.org) for more information.