Pack your bags because no matter who you are or how you love to serve there is an experience for you! We see these trips as an excellent way for our church to serve the world, and for our members to be transformed into more fully devoted followers of Christ!

If you are interested in any of the trips below, please take a moment to fill out this interest form so we can be in touch with you about upcoming details and meeting dates.


  • Guatemala  |  March 16-23

    Signup Deadline - Dec 6

    Partnering with Hope Renewed International who is dedicated to renewing hope by living out and proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ, improving quality of life, providing relief to those in need and providing opportunities to those who may not otherwise have them. We will help in various communities including the largest slum in Latin America, a garbage dump where people live and work, and a girl’s home for children with severe abuse in their backgrounds. We hope to expand our worldview while sharing Christ with those around us. (

    This trip will have dates finalized as people sign up due to booking the best plane tickets. Most trips have missed Monday classes due to travel. 

    Trip Cost: $1700-$2000 (Financial Support Raising training is available.)

    Contact Lauren Ballard for more information -

  • TORONTO  |  March 14 - 19

    Specifics of the trip are yet to be determined but this trip will be filled with evangelism. Toronto is the 4th largest city in North America and has 52% minority population. The University of Toronto has close to 100,000 students. It is not common for people to be Christians there although in some ways we are culturally similar. Toronto is mutually post-christian and pre-christian. Canadians left the church a couple generations ago creating the post-christian cultural feel, while many immigrants are from closed countries and may not have had the freedom to hear the Gospel. We will be driving and a passport or passport card will be required.

    Trip Cost: Approx. $600-$800 depending on # of students attending (Financial Support Raising training is available.)

    Contact Joe Kaloger for more information -

  • TENNESSEE - Service trip  |  March 13 - 19

    We have partnerships in Tennessee where heavy poverty exist. This trip will focus on serving and caring for people in need who otherwise would not receive help. There will most likely be elements of light construction, yard work, and general repair work.

    Trip Cost: Approx. $500 depending on # of students attending (Financial Support Raising training is available.)

    Contact Ian Gustafson for more information -

  • Bowling Green Local Trip  |  March 18-22

    The BG Local Trip will be a trip designed around serving the community of Bowling Green Ohio. It will be based on community outreach, service projects, and engaging with the City. We see this as a great opportunity to use our spring break to share God’s love with our local community. This trip is a great option for people who aren’t able to commit to being gone for an entire week or who have other obligations. The specific times and projects are partially determined by the people who are interested and their availability.

    Trip Cost: Approx. $50 - $100

    Contact Joe Kaloger for more information -